Begin by logging into the Google account that you want to use to manage your Google Analytics properties with.

Then, go to and hit the blue “Create Property” button in the Admin section.

Second, give your property a name and select your reporting time zone and currency as shown below. Please note, if you want to create a Universal Analytics property, you can do so by hitting the “Show advanced options” button below.

create ga4 property

Third, create a “data stream”. A data stream is a new term for GA4 and refers to the app type (iOS or Android) or whether it is a website. In the UA days, an app or a website would both be distinct properties. With GA4, these are different “data streams” within a single property. If you’re creating your GA4 property for a website, hit the “Web” option. Then, enter your website URL, give your Stream a name and then hit the blue “Create stream” button.

create a ga4 data stream

As you can see in the screenshot, some “Enhanced measurement” events like scroll depth tracking, outbound clicks, and pageviews will be automatically recorded. To adjust what events you’ll record, simply hit the gear icon in the bottom right and you can turn events on or off.

The fourth step is to enable data collection by placing the GA4 tracking code on your website or app. Placing the JavaScript code can be done directly on the site or through Google Tag Manager.

  • This developer guide has instructions to deploy the GA4 tracking code on the site. Note, this is not the best way to do it in my opinion. Google Tag Manager is the way to go for getting GA4 on your site.
  • To deploy the GA4 code on the site through Tag Manager, you can use this support guide or see the section immediately below for everything you need to know.

The fifth step is adding “Recommended Events” to your data stream. Recommended Events have an event name and a trigger that causes the event to fire based on specific parameters.  The events linked here may be suitable for all web properties. Managing Director - Chris Barnard

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