If you or a friend are looking to buy a car over the next few months, there’s an online scam that you need to be aware of…

We’ve noticed a troubling trend, especially prevalent on Facebook, though it’s wise to keep your eyes peeled on other platforms too.

Here’s how it unfolds:

The scam kicks off with a marketplace listing. Scammers are getting crafty, posting real cars, often those shiny high-end models and occasionally, your average runabouts.

The first red flag? The price. It’s eye-wateringly low. Remember the old wisdom—if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Take, for example, a 2017 Land Rover Discovery Sport listed at a jaw-dropping £3,600. Tempting, right? But alarm bells should be ringing.

Another tip-off is the seller’s profile, which often shows multiple car listings all too good to be true. So, do a bit of digging into their other offers before reaching out.

And here’s the clincher: When you call to snap up this too-good-to-miss deal, they’ll ask for a deposit to “secure” the car because they’re “on holiday” and will arrange delivery upon their return. Classic scam!

A solid way to gauge the phishiness of a deal? Compare the car’s price with similar models on reputable sites like Auto Trader. A significantly lower price tag for no clear reason? You’ve likely spotted a scam.

So, before you speed off towards what looks like a fantastic deal, pump the brakes and remember these tips.

FeedbackFans.com Managing Director - Chris Barnard

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