@gmail addresses and other non-identity e-mail addresses are not only instantly forgettable and a security risk as they are easy to impersonate and imitate, but they make you look unprofessional and untrustworthy.

If you can’t afford £5/$5 a month for a branded e-mail address from your website domain, then we’d argue you’re not in business at all.

I’ve even seen certain businesses get @gmail addresses plastered onto the sides of their work vans! Can you imagine? Willing to invest 100s in a work van vinyl but stopping short at that £5 a month bill for a real e-mail address? Madness.

There are certain legitimate elements a business can take shortcuts on and make substantial savings, particularly when it is starting up and looking to scale. This is not one of those moments 🤣.

Mind you, it’s not one of the worst business crimes I’ve seen, how about a QR code on your roof?

FeedbackFans.com Managing Director - Chris Barnard

Chris Barnard has spent over 15 years delivering exceptional digital marketing performance for leading businesses in the UK, Europe and North America as an independent business consultant.

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