There is a new phishing attack in circulation, and it’s one you need to look out for and pay attention too if you handle your business finances. 💳🔏

You’ll get an e-mail to your accounting team (accounting@yourdomain) that is part of a thread, with the most recent contribution seemingly being from your boss / finance head or budget owner.

It will look like an authorisation to pay an invoice – in the example I share with you here, they have tried to imitate me and written the following:

‘Approved! We can pay this Law offices invoice via ACH. See attached W9 and invoice below. Chris Barnard’.

The hallmark and warning sign of this being a scam is that the e-mail that they have sent this Chris Barnard impersonation from is clearly a scam (

It shows a much greater level of company research than the traditional phishing attack, and one you need to be wary of if you are used to approving finance in this way, as it will catch some people out.

I’ve enclosed the original so you can reference anything similar you get.

Don’t forget to report all phishing attacks to Managing Director - Chris Barnard

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