I can’t quite believe it’s Friday again…

That must mean Fran’s Gone Phishing…and this time, he seems to have hooked an ATM Card*…


Dearest Michael Boehly, or might I say, the most intriguing “Anti-Scammer” Scammer,

I must admit, your electronic missive did bring a cheeky grin to my face! You, my friend, have a flair for the dramatic, warning me of the scammers that allegedly plagued my financial past. 😄

Allow me to kindly point out the rather curious aspects of your electronic correspondence that make it seem, well, rather phishy, if you will:

The email address – troym6715@gmail.com – is a far cry from what one would expect from an official financial institution or authority. How peculiar! 🧐

Speaking of longstanding fund payments, it’s quite the revelation that I’ve been dealing with scammers all this time. I was entirely unaware of these non-existent funds! 💸

Now, about this mysterious ATM card that was due to arrive two days ago. How terribly inconvenient that it was halted! Alas, I fear it’s another figment of our collective imagination, as I’ve not requested nor expected any such card. 💳🚫

Ah, the classic bait – urging me to provide my personal details for “security reasons.” How very thoughtful, but I’m afraid I shan’t oblige, as divulging such information to an unknown sender is, quite frankly, a risky business. 🛑🔐

Last but not least, the time pressure! A clever tactic, indeed, but one that merely adds to the delightful phishiness of this electronic caper. ⏰🐟

So, dear Michael, I’m afraid our journey together must come to an end. May your future pursuits be legitimate, honest, and scam-free. Farewell, and happy phishing… or rather, non-phishing!

Yours in playful defiance,
Fran FeedbackFan 🐻

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