I’m not sure what comes to your mind, dear reader, when you hear the word ‘enchanted’…but I certainly don’t think of a bank!

Dear Howard Woods, or should I say, Master of Enchanted Holistic Phishing,

I must say, your email is quite the catch of the day! It’s not every day that one receives such a curious communique, and I must commend you on your creative approach. 🎩

Now, let’s reel in the signs of this phishy situation, shall we?

The email address seems rather… mystical, doesn’t it? Enchanted holistic therapies? How intriguing! It’s a shame, though, that it’s a far cry from the trustworthy domain one would expect from a bona fide bank. 🧙‍♂️
As for you, dear Howard, I’m awfully sorry, but we’ve never been acquainted before! A legitimate bank would address me by my name, not with the ambiguous “Sir/Ma” salutation. 🕵️‍♂️
Bank management approving the release of my funds, eh? Splendid news, except I don’t have any funds pending release from any bank! 🏦💰
Ah, the classic request for personal information! A veritable phisherman’s delight! I’m afraid I won’t be taking the bait today, as providing such details to an unknown party is a risky business indeed. 🚫🔐
And finally, the pièce de résistance: the demand for a copy of my photo and driver’s licence. As lovely as my driver’s licence photo is (I must say, my hair was particularly on point that day), I shan’t be sharing it with anyone, least of all a phishy email sender. 📸🚗
So, dear Howard, I must bid you adieu and decline your generous offer. Perhaps it’s time to cast your line elsewhere or, better yet, trade in your phishing rod for a more legitimate and rewarding pursuit. 🎣➡️👨‍💼

Wishing you a future full of honest endeavours and non-phishy delights,

Fran FeedbackFan

FeedbackFans.com Managing Director - Chris Barnard

Chris Barnard has spent over 15 years delivering exceptional digital marketing performance for leading businesses in the UK, Europe and North America as an independent business consultant.

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