A technique commonly used in social engineering attacks, is when the attacker attempts to get the victim to click on links or open attachments by creating a false sense of familiarity and trust.

In this type of attack, the attacker will typically use language and tone that suggests that there is an existing relationship between the victim and the attacker, and that the information being shared is important and urgent. The attacker may use personal information or details that they have gathered through previous attacks to make their message seem more authentic.

You can see an example of this in this weeks Fran’s Gone Phishing,

– Written in a friendly tone to suggest an existing arrangement

– Requests that the recipient look through an attached file

– Stresses urgency and importance

However, we can surmise this is a phish for the following reasons:

– Vague and lacks detail

– The sender does not provide information about who they are

– The company name uses a .site domain address

– Overall message feels template’y

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