I really wanted to rage about the #Google #Analytics 4 transition… but we’re not going to do that today, good people of LinkedIn…as it’s FRIDAY and you know what means…


In the digital world, he took a stroll,
This Bear was on a mission, heart and soul.
With cunning skills, he scoured the net,
Hunting for scams, the biggest you bet.

Today we have an absolute belter. It’s a divine offering, proving beyond doubt that FeedbackFans has been blessed with the fastest, most effective, eco-powered UK technology platform.

It provided me with more groans than the ‘joke’, ‘How does Moses make his coffee… Hewbrews it’ …

I present to you, a sermon from Pastor Diego Mendoza, mrmend552@gmail.com

“I attempted to call you but you were unavailable.

It appears that you have either changed your phone number or are no longer available. That’s why I decided to send you an email.

My name is Pastor Diego Mendoza, and please respond as soon as you receive this email.

I’ll go into more detail once you respond. Thank you very much”

There’s a few key takeaways…

1) Frequent flyers with us at Fran’s Gone Phishing will know that you should never use a GMAIL if you are a business or sending emails. No if’s, no but’s, no coconuts. Go buy one for £5 a month. This is the first sign that this is most likely a phishing scam.

2) There’s a lack of any substance in this e-mail. We can discern that it is a prospecting e-mail to see if we are active, see if we respond and then presumably they have follow up scripts that will attempt to relieve you of your capital.

3) They spelt ‘receive’ right, which is RARE in this type of attack. That is pretty much the only thing going for it.

2/10 – Must try harder. I’m not sure I know anyone who would fall for this attack. Perhaps they will be expecting a greater proportion of responses from religious people, but I’m not convinced this attack is a good one.

Whilst I’d love to believe the big man wants to share his praise with FeedbackFans, I’m not convinced Pastor Diego Mendoza is a legitimate representative of his word 😂.

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