In the digital world, he took a stroll,
This Bear was on a mission, heart and soul.
With cunning skills, he scoured the net,
Hunting for scams, the biggest you bet.

Rate this phish that was received by one of our clients this week

from: (…Ewwww)

“Your email box is almost full.

Once your email is full, you will not be able to receive new emails.

To prevent this from happening, your organization has allocated you an additional 8GB of space.

You need to activate it before adding it to your current email box space. Activate it instantly.”

6/10 – it was good enough to be believed to an extent by the end client, but he didn’t click on the link.

Thankfully, he got in contact before he ‘activated’. Alarm bells rang when we got a request to increase his e-mail storage limits. We identified that he was only using 22% of his allocated e-mail storage, so could dismiss the threat quickly.

Please check the from address on e-mails that do not look right, or that you are suspicious of.

Just another way that your business is protected & made better by being with

Enjoy your weekend!

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