Thinking of swapping the monotonous hum of fluorescent office lights for the adventurous, albeit slightly daunting, world of freelancing?

One of my friends has recently taken the plunge and I love how she referred to it – ‘I’ve ditched the cubicle aquarium to swim with the big fish in the open sea. Granted, I’m more of a goldfish than a shark right now, but give it time!’

After all, leaving the security of a 9-to-5 job to dive into the unpredictable ocean of self-employment was not unlike switching from decaf to espresso – a jolt to the system that had one’s heart racing with equal parts excitement and anxiety.

“Why am I doing this again?” she mused over a cup of tea that was more milk than leaf, a classic British concoction for crisis management. “Well, because the office tea was rubbish, for one,” I joked, trying to lighten the mood.

But amidst the punchlines, there was the fear of not being taken seriously. Would clients see her as the seasoned professional she was, or would they treat her as a hobbyist dabbling in grown-up business? “I’ll have to wear blazers on Zoom calls to assert dominance,” she laughed, “and maybe get a pair of those glasses that have no prescription.”

Despite the trepidation, the reasons for her not to be scared were numerous.

For one, she was now the master of her own schedule – a freedom that meant she could attend midday yoga classes or work at unholy hours when her creativity peaked, much like a nocturnal creature of corporate folklore.

Her talent is undeniable. Her skills in graphic design were such that she could make a pie chart look like a work of modern art, and her portfolio was as impressive as a peacock’s feathers – bright, bold, and bound to get attention.

So, as she embarks on her freelancing journey with a heart full of hope and a laptop full of dreams, she knows the road will be sprinkled with challenges. But she also knows that with each witty email signature and every perfectly pitched proposal, she’s building a brand that’s all her own.

In a world where everyone seems to be a ‘guru’ or a ‘ninja’, she is content being the architect of her destiny, constructing a future where success is measured not just by income, but by happiness and freedom.

#freelance #business #startup Managing Director - Chris Barnard

Chris Barnard has spent over 15 years delivering exceptional digital marketing performance for leading businesses in the UK, Europe and North America as an independent business consultant.

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