Get Hyped; Creating a marketing frenzy!

And there I was. Marching to Argos. I looked up, there was a bus advertising it. I looked away and there was a billboard...OUT TODAY. I looked at my phone and there was the re-marketing for it with 10/10 reviews on Facebook. Oh yes Rockstar marketing team, I'm a fan of your work I thought to myself whilst bounding across the pavement. Stalked, surrounded, and bubbling with hype. Stood in Argos. Shoulder to shoulder with many other men of similar age in Argos. Catalogues lay open on one page, like a preacher was to come any moment and read the names of only those worthy of receiving a copy. We waited in line and asked the ONLY question being asked in games shops that day 'have you got Red Dead Redemption 2?' 'Yes' the lady replied, whilst surrounded by 'Red Dead in store now' banners. I'd love to tell [...]