A better future: Recruiters & Job Seekers

I would venture to say there are a plethora of topics for a citizen to be excited about in 2017. Whether your personal fire is lit by issues around free speech, European integration, robots taking over the world or another of the myriad of changes in the pipeline. I have noted in recent months an explosion in passionate and emotive posting on my social networks, an increase I have attributed to both uncertainty and change. A talking point that continues to generate chatter with Groundhog Day like recall, is both recruiters and job seekers exchanging incendiary fire through LinkedIn status updates. Often sent with the precision of a British nuclear test*, it’s as baffling as it is consistent. This generally takes the form of a scatter gun, ‘RECRUITERS TAKE NOTE’ or ‘WHY DO JOB SEEKERS…’ etc. Even as I write this article, expecting common sense to limit these posts [...]