Introducing the Brand Awareness Relativity (BAR) Popularity Scale

BAR is our own in-house algorithm for judging how popular a brand is relative to other brands in the same industry. It can measure the overall ‘pure’ popularity of a brand or a brands actual popularity for a particular product.

BAR (Brand Awareness Relativity) uses a combination of structured and unstructured data from a variety of public sources to determine a brands overall score.

We will be releasing data on the popularity of a wide range of industries and brands in the UK. If you would like to see a BAR sample from your industry, please let us know.

The most popular brand will score 100% and the other brands will show their popularity relative to that power

Industry: Automotive
Data-set Size: 62m

From these results taken in August 2019, we can say that in this moment of time

Ford is the most popular Car make in the United Kingdom

Honda is half as popular as Ford

Jaguar is a quarter of the popularity of Ford

Tesla has 18% of the popularity of Ford in a very short existence

Ford 100
BMW 87
Mercedes 68
Audi 67
Volkswagen 66
Honda 50
Toyota 40
Nissan 39
Vauxhall 33
Jaguar 25
Porsche 20
Land Rover 19
Tesla 18