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Get Hyped; Creating a marketing frenzy!

And there I was. Marching to Argos. I looked up, there was a bus advertising it. I looked away and there was a billboard...OUT TODAY. I looked at my phone and there was the re-marketing for it with 10/10 reviews on Facebook. Oh yes Rockstar marketing team, I'm a fan of your work I thought to myself whilst bounding across the pavement. Stalked, surrounded, and bubbling with hype. Stood in Argos. Shoulder to shoulder with many other men of similar age in Argos. Catalogues lay open on one page, like a preacher was to come any moment and read the names of only those worthy of receiving a copy. We waited in line and asked the ONLY question being asked in games shops that day 'have you got Red Dead Redemption 2?' 'Yes' the lady replied, whilst surrounded by 'Red Dead in store now' banners. I'd love to tell [...]

Get Hyped; Creating a marketing frenzy!2018-11-09T12:13:24+00:00

21st Century Hysteria: The abdication of values

We need to talk, world, and not just about Donald. About the whole Shebang. Saddle up, grab the closest red faced keyboard warrior and lend me your ears as I take the temperature on 21st Century hysteria, the modern day identity crisis and the abdication of values based decision making. The battle for good is being lost. When we have David Davis (Brexit Minister) inclined to reassure us that we are not going to plunge into a ‘Mad Max-style world borrowed from dystopian fiction’, alarm bells should be ringing in your ears. No-one mentioned Mad Max David, it’s a terrible film, broaden your horizons and watch ‘The Purge’, a scenario with much greater likelihood if things continue as they are. Trump’s taken up the sordid mantle of guiding us there and quite frankly I’m starting to wonder if we deserve anything better. I knew I’d inevitably regret not applying for the best [...]

21st Century Hysteria: The abdication of values2018-10-02T13:06:27+00:00

What a business needs to know about data protection in 2018 (GDPR spoilers alert)

Come forth business owners, put down your iPhone, stop winding up Alexa, turn off those Cryptocurrency live prices and let me share with you the story of good data management, data protection, and why it needs to be at the top of your considerations in 2018. This is not to say it shouldn't have been in your considerations before, as it should have been. In many ways the shake up of Data Protection in the UK through new legislation in 2018 will ensure it will feature in your plans forever more. My intention over this article is to break through the jargon and give you manageable actions you can begin implementing today, so that you are in the best position both now and in the future to meet your obligations in data management. I will also do my very best to entertain you along the way, a feat so [...]

What a business needs to know about data protection in 2018 (GDPR spoilers alert)2018-03-12T00:53:36+00:00

The battle for money: whose side are you on?

‘I don’t think many will survive Chris…’ said the fund manager to the digital marketing evangelist in the pub, confronted with a map of the now very diverse landscape of companies vying for attention in the financial services marketplace. A fatalistic viewpoint some might say, one coloured with the weight of having spent a lifetime considering company value, investment potential and sustainability. Such conviction views are exclusively reserved for fund managers, Mark Carney and Roman emperors in these uncertain times, I’d contend. For the rest of us, we can only seek to understand the environment and the potential scenarios that lay before us. Digital has undoubtedly been the transforming force for many industries, and whilst it’s penetration into asset management, amongst other financial services, has been at a slower pace, the last bastions of change resistance are evolving, and the innovation is marching at speed. Those who will stand [...]

The battle for money: whose side are you on?2018-03-12T00:51:38+00:00

‘If you don’t have anything nice to say…’ Has etiquette died in a post-social world?

I don’t have the strongest memory, but those moments I do recollect have undoubtedly had a profound impact on my own values, and contribute to the makeup of my professional self. I vividly remember an interruption to a Year 5 class (ages 9-10 for the none UK folk) where the teacher scolded an unruly child with the phrase ‘If you don’t have anything nice to say…then don’t say anything at all’. Whilst it is not a phrase I can ever recall parroting to others, recently I have wondered if such a succinct but forgotten expression could be a better basis for communicating online than any others I have heard in my travels. Etiquette, or the ‘Art of being polite’ is something I have always admired in other professionals. On reflection, I consider most, if not all my best friends and favourite business contacts to be consummately polite. I doubt [...]

‘If you don’t have anything nice to say…’ Has etiquette died in a post-social world?2018-03-12T00:50:23+00:00

Five things business can learn from Lincoln City’s FA Cup heroics

Supporting a lower league football team may seem like a very unrewarding experience to the uninitiated. There’s very little glamour in either the football you are paying to watch, or the away days you are set to encounter. You must be hardened with emphatic support border-lining on the obsession if you are willing to stand on the concrete of the terraces after work on a cold and blistery Tuesday night in Barrow after a four-hour drive, hoping to nick a one-goal victory for the Imps (nickname), with just a half-time pie and the return journey ahead. This type of physical commitment in a digital world that enables you to participate in social activities and causes from the comfort of your own sofa, I would argue, has become rare. We have been fortunate this year that our cup run has coincided with some good football and a real push to [...]

Five things business can learn from Lincoln City’s FA Cup heroics2018-03-12T00:51:02+00:00

A better future: Recruiters & Job Seekers

I would venture to say there are a plethora of topics for a citizen to be excited about in 2017. Whether your personal fire is lit by issues around free speech, European integration, robots taking over the world or another of the myriad of changes in the pipeline. I have noted in recent months an explosion in passionate and emotive posting on my social networks, an increase I have attributed to both uncertainty and change. A talking point that continues to generate chatter with Groundhog Day like recall, is both recruiters and job seekers exchanging incendiary fire through LinkedIn status updates. Often sent with the precision of a British nuclear test*, it’s as baffling as it is consistent. This generally takes the form of a scatter gun, ‘RECRUITERS TAKE NOTE’ or ‘WHY DO JOB SEEKERS…’ etc. Even as I write this article, expecting common sense to limit these posts [...]

A better future: Recruiters & Job Seekers2018-03-12T00:49:16+00:00